Items Needed to Process a Loan

Please note that verification documents listed below are not required to submit an application.

All Borrowers

  • Complete residence history for the prior two years
  • Copy of current driver’s license and social security card
  • Complete employment history for the prior two years complete with address and phone
  • Copies of the last 30 days of paycheck stubs
  • Copies of all w-2 statements for the last two years
  • Copies of the last two years federal income tax returns, complete with all pages
  • If applicable, copies of the last two years k-1 forms
  • Two months statements on all asset accounts including checking, savings, investment, etc. All
    pages of each statement are required. Any large deposits that are not direct deposited requires
    documentation on source)
  • If applicable, copies of divorce decree and property settlement or court order to show child

Self Employed Borrowers

  • For all entities where the borrower owns 25% or more interest, complete corporate/partnership
    tax returns must be provided for the prior two years.
  • Year to date profit and loss for all interest where there is a 25% or greater ownership
  • Name and phone number of CPA if additional information is needed
  • Any loans that are reported on personal credit report but are paid through the company must
    be documented with 12 months cancelled checks

Multiple Property Owners

  • Copies of current leases if property is not shown on last two years tax returns
  • Copies of current mortgage statements to show if escrow for tax, insurance, ground lease, etc
  • Copies of current homeowners insurance dec page on each property
  • Copies of current property tax statement on each property

Purchase Transactions

  • Complete and fully executed sales/purchase contract
  • Name and phone number of real estate agent(s)
  • Name and phone number of closing attorney or title company
  • Name and phone number of insurance agent

Refinance Transactions

  • Copy of deed to the property
  • Copy of latest mortgage statement
  • Copy of survey (Texas)
  • Copy of homeowners insurance dec page